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Short Story: My Life in Ruins…By Kachy Emeghi


The sound of quiet laughter broke into my sub consciousness. For a few seconds I had no idea where I was, I tried adjusting my eyes to the dim light and then looked at my surrounding, then it all came back to me…. I was headed for prison! At least that’s what I had heard the judge say.

My life was definitely over. This hadn’t turned out to be a bad dream like I’d hoped it would.

I started chanting the Mantra,

“All is well, All is well, All is well”
to make me feel better;but deep down I knew all wasn’t going to be well. Who was I kidding? My life was doomed!

Where had it all gone wrong? How is it that even fate had turned its back on me? Surely,not even Destiny would join other unforeseen forces to work against me?
Where is my happy ending I have always hoped and dreamt of? All these questions remained unanswered.

I was sitting in the back of a police van,drenched in my own sweat. I had a blinding headache, There was no ventilation whatsoever;and the air was stiff. Even criminals deserved good and un polluted air,didn’t they?, I thought to myself. I said a silent prayer,hoping not to get an asthma attack. I felt dizzy and weak,I tried to fight the pain and remain conscious;but even my eyes were threatening to give up on me,I was sure they too would betray me.

My companions were men in black police uniforms,holding guns and staring down at me like I was some deadly disease;one of them even had the grace to look wary of me.

The soft ticking of my watch,the thump of my heartbeat and the ticking of the rain on the van all blended together in one metronomic sound and it seemed as though the entire world were a time bomb about to explode.

I burst out into small fits of laughter and then came the tears, I hated myself for crying and I tried to stop the tears from trickling down my face, but alas! It was there to stay. To me,the tears represented my weaknesses,and I hated the fact that these men could see my weakness,my fears ,they could see I was scared and they were going to capitalise on it.

One of the men had the effrontery to shine his battered torchlight in my face;to make sure I wasn’t going crazy I suppose.
The other bald policeman approached me, loomed over me, stared down at me with undisguised disdain and said  in Nigerian pidgin,

” Na people like una wey get small money go dey form untouchable abi? Your own don finish today!”

It seemed like he harboured some sort of hate towards Rich people,I had never even met this man in my life and he hated me this much.

I looked at the name tag on his uniform, ‘Sergeant E.Okoro’ it read, Typical name for someone like him I thought. I could bet my last breath his first name was Ebenezer; Ebenezers’ are always grumpy.  I smiled at my private joke. At this point,an infamous author’s book “Laughing through Tears” came to mind. I was smiling through my tears; then reality dawned on me, I am actually on my way to jail;not some 5 star hotel or on a vacation in the bahamas.. My life really is over!!!

At this point,I began to reflect on my past;I thought about my mum, thought about my friends in school and the reason I was  here in the first place. The tears came rushing down again..