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Hello Fans!

Introducing our new 2.8L Virgin Palm oil and 2.8L Pure Vegetable oil.
Yay! We’re really excited about this and we hope you are too.

So head out to your super market or open market and get your 2.8L bottle of oil now and you’ll get a 480ml Virgin Palm oil DOY pack for FREE!
You can send us a selfie with your 2.8L of Mamador oil, and we’d love to hear what you think too!

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REVIEW: Innovator Foldable Mini Hair Dryer ON DEALDEY!!

This is currently on Sale on Dealdey. I got it in December for NGN 1600 and Loved it after using it.

Its light weight, good for use once in a while NOT FOR INDUSTRIAL USE.

Its Foldable and can go on  journey with you.

Dries good for its little size!…..See more Highlights below


  • Foldable Mini Hair Dryer
  • Ideal for grooming on the go
  • Takes little space in your cabinet
  • Two hot speed settings
  • Power: 850W, 220V ~ 50Hz

Verdict: If you want this go for it.  Though you should read the fine prints as our preferences differ.

…I got mine in Pink.



Deadley Product Review: Nestwell Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

As consumers, we rarely if ever have the time to fully test every product in ourselves, so we depend on research on the web. But for the few products i buy i would review these products to guide a few people that would want to make purchase decision.


So today, im reviewing the Nestwell Juicer i got on dealdey, for NGN 2999 at a round figure of NGN 3000.


Im sooooo in love with this juicer and my sister in law who got one cos of me cant get over it. Im happy with my purchase decision.


This is a manual juicer, constructed like the local grinders used in the villages.It would amaze you how much juice this extracts, it has a waste cup and another cup that collects the juice. its  sooo easy to wash and the best part of it is, its not electric, you can squeeze out juice from any fruit choice any time, it wouldn’t give electrical problems as a result of heat melting up the wires.


So my verdict is go for it, if this comes up on dealdey again.