Do You Want to be a Millionaire in 2017? Then Read this…


There are 2 tables of orders you have to complete to make 1.1m in this business. The first table is called The Preliminary table while the second is called the The Main table. 


Once you start the business, you’re expected to get 2 customers who are interested in buying Gold. 

When these 2 customers also get their 2, the table is complete and then you move to the main board, thats it. The company then pays you 800 Euros(N500k)

Same principle applies on the main table. Once your 2 partners complete their Prelim Tables, they join you on the Main Table. The moment you complete the cycle you are paid 1,890 Euros. (1.1M)
Now listen to the best part. The company keeps you on that main table for life. As long as you keep cycling that table, you keep getting paid 1.1m for life. Yes i know your eyes are wide open now, we couldn’t sleep when this also was explained to us.
*This what we call Residual Income.*

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True life story of a €14,000 earner 

Who says there is a recession. Read the story of the Breast feeding mum who made €14,000 at the beginning of 2017.

*Testimony Time*💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🍾🍾🍾🍾👇👇👇👇

I mariama bobbo have been partnering with Swiss golden since June 2015. A colleague knowing that I am a networking gave my number to pharm Dickson and Silvia. We chatted for a while, I got to know of the plan and they shared their stories and achievement. Then swissgolden was about a year in Nigeria and not much to tell. But a good networker knows a good business to venture into. So I signed up and my first call was to my loyal networking partners, who also signed up with me and Boooooom team Abuja picked up by September 2015. Today the team have grown to over 33,000 partners in various parts of the country and abroad too.
I had a baby in July that year, that made me slow but never deterred me. Calls had to be made. My first earning came in November 2015, after at least 5 of my partners earned theirs. 
220€ was 60 to 62k then and 1890€was 480k naira. But it was still huge. We set targets for our selves and most of us earned at least 1mil naira before 2015 closed. The 2016 story is something else. I earned at least 10mil naira. 2017 started beautifully, as I earned 14,000€ for closing the preliminary vip table which I joined end of November.
So I tell you swissgolden alert is something else. As a civil servant I now have a bigger portfolio with a swag cos being broke is out of the picture. I earn at least 150k weekly from my leadership bonus. So please, if you have 140k sitting idle in the bank or you can find that amount to invest please send that 140k on an errand in swissgolden. 
I borrowed money to join Swiss golden business. As a senior civil servant , my salary is still less than a 100k monthly. But there are risks worth taking. Swissgolden is a risk worth taking.
Blessings come daily from people I have referred into this business which gives me greater joy. 
For 1mil naira, please search anywhere and get 2 people willing to do same and get their 2 each and you are on your way to financial freedom. If you don’t get today , you will get tomorrow. It might take time sometime but the alert no gbagam. So see you on board soon and most especially see you on the VIP Plus investment soon

Greatness is in you! Say that to yourself over and over and refuse the urge and fair of failure and quitting. Winners never quit no matter how difficult the situation might seem.

Swissgolden be the best ,have the best!

Now my friends what are you waiting for?

Why keep your money in the bank for peanuts interest when you can be a Millionaire within same time frame.

Swissgolden( is an international company with it’s headquarters in the UK, dealing in 24karat Gold bars.

With an initial investment of 220 euros (130K) for a Gold bar, you can make a profit of 1890 euros(1.1m).

The business is currently changing a lot of people’s lives including my close contacts.

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