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How I made €800 Euro in one month….MUST READ

This is no Scam or make belief (Permit me to Blur out personal Info, precaution against hack and scammers).

Now this opportunity is for you…If you find yourself in any of this category

  • You are always broke
  • Always begging people for money
  • Want to start a Big business this year
  • Want to be Recession Proof

Network Business Sucks…

Now Listen to this….

Did you just tell your friend to go buy the new Gionee Phone, cos you think it’s amazing…You just networked for that company for free! You heard right!!!

Did you just refer your friend to the latest eatery in town…You just networked yet again for Free!!!

All businesses depend so badly for referrals, the only difference is they ask you do it for free…

Now here is a business asking you to be a shareholder in the company, and all you have to do is build your self …not for free you get PAID in GOLD or CASH!

Have you wondered why that your neighbour eats chicken everyday, blows cash all weekend…

Not 419 my people, its GOLD business..



  • Gold never depreciates
  • Why store money in the bank, when you can invest in 21 Karat 99.9% pure gold and smile to the bank few months later.
  • You give a bank your money, for peanut interest. ( I was a banker)
  • Why market for other companies for free…When you can be a Millionaire in One month!
  • If the recession is biting you hard enough…grab this opportunity I guarantee you your money back. Yes…Cash back you get your money bank if you want out!
  • Multiple streams of income a comfortable way to be out is poverty forever.

Let’s get started email awoofxtra@gmail.com if you are ready to be a millionaire in 2017.

Here’s TIP 1 on your way to financial freedom. Multiple streams of income for you.

Ask Dangote why he has so many businesses. Multiple streams of Income.


Do You Want to be a Millionaire in 2017? Then Read this…


There are 2 tables of orders you have to complete to make 1.1m in this business. The first table is called The Preliminary table while the second is called the The Main table. 


Once you start the business, you’re expected to get 2 customers who are interested in buying Gold. 

When these 2 customers also get their 2, the table is complete and then you move to the main board, thats it. The company then pays you 800 Euros(N500k)

Same principle applies on the main table. Once your 2 partners complete their Prelim Tables, they join you on the Main Table. The moment you complete the cycle you are paid 1,890 Euros. (1.1M)
Now listen to the best part. The company keeps you on that main table for life. As long as you keep cycling that table, you keep getting paid 1.1m for life. Yes i know your eyes are wide open now, we couldn’t sleep when this also was explained to us.
*This what we call Residual Income.*

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True life story of a €14,000 earner 

Who says there is a recession. Read the story of the Breast feeding mum who made €14,000 at the beginning of 2017.

*Testimony Time*💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🍾🍾🍾🍾👇👇👇👇

I mariama bobbo have been partnering with Swiss golden since June 2015. A colleague knowing that I am a networking gave my number to pharm Dickson and Silvia. We chatted for a while, I got to know of the plan and they shared their stories and achievement. Then swissgolden was about a year in Nigeria and not much to tell. But a good networker knows a good business to venture into. So I signed up and my first call was to my loyal networking partners, who also signed up with me and Boooooom team Abuja picked up by September 2015. Today the team have grown to over 33,000 partners in various parts of the country and abroad too.
I had a baby in July that year, that made me slow but never deterred me. Calls had to be made. My first earning came in November 2015, after at least 5 of my partners earned theirs. 
220€ was 60 to 62k then and 1890€was 480k naira. But it was still huge. We set targets for our selves and most of us earned at least 1mil naira before 2015 closed. The 2016 story is something else. I earned at least 10mil naira. 2017 started beautifully, as I earned 14,000€ for closing the preliminary vip table which I joined end of November.
So I tell you swissgolden alert is something else. As a civil servant I now have a bigger portfolio with a swag cos being broke is out of the picture. I earn at least 150k weekly from my leadership bonus. So please, if you have 140k sitting idle in the bank or you can find that amount to invest please send that 140k on an errand in swissgolden. 
I borrowed money to join Swiss golden business. As a senior civil servant , my salary is still less than a 100k monthly. But there are risks worth taking. Swissgolden is a risk worth taking.
Blessings come daily from people I have referred into this business which gives me greater joy. 
For 1mil naira, please search anywhere and get 2 people willing to do same and get their 2 each and you are on your way to financial freedom. If you don’t get today , you will get tomorrow. It might take time sometime but the alert no gbagam. So see you on board soon and most especially see you on the VIP Plus investment soon

Greatness is in you! Say that to yourself over and over and refuse the urge and fair of failure and quitting. Winners never quit no matter how difficult the situation might seem.

Swissgolden be the best ,have the best!

Now my friends what are you waiting for?

Why keep your money in the bank for peanuts interest when you can be a Millionaire within same time frame.

Swissgolden(www.swissgolden.com) is an international company with it’s headquarters in the UK, dealing in 24karat Gold bars.

With an initial investment of 220 euros (130K) for a Gold bar, you can make a profit of 1890 euros(1.1m).

The business is currently changing a lot of people’s lives including my close contacts.

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Konga Wants to Make You A Millionaire This Christmas!

  • Week 1 Winner
  • Week 2 Winner
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  • Grand Raffle Winner 1
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You too could be a Millionaire!

Konga will reward one lucky customer with N500,000 weekly over a four week period, and 2 lucky customers will win a mega cash prize of N1,000,000 at the end of the promo.
All you have to do is to place an order worth N10,000 and above to qualify for the weekly raffle draw.
Promo runs from December 1st to December 31st, 2016.
The more you shop ,the higher your chances of winning.

N500, 000 can
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Konga Cash Home Bonanza

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The promo will run from 1st of December to 31st of December 2016 (one month).
  2. The promo is open to both “New and Existing” customers.
  3. Customers who place an order worth N10,000 and above will qualify for the raffle draw (i.e. an order below N10,000 will not be eligible for the draw).
  4. The order number you receive upon completion of your order placement will serve as your RAFFLE NUMBER. We will also send this to you once again via SMS as a reminder
  5. Subsequent draws for week 2, week 3 and week 4 of the promo will take place in December 2016. Each draw will produce a winner for the N500,000 cash prize.
  6. The Mega Bonanza draw of N2, 000,000 will take place before the end of the year for all eligible customers (i.e. customers who have ordered items worth N10, 000 and above during the promo). Two (2) lucky customers will win a cash prize of N1, 000,000 each.
  7. Winners will be announced on Konga’s website and official social media handles.
  8. Your order must be successfully delivered and not returned for you to remain eligible to participate in the raffle draw and thereafter redeem your prize.To get more information visit Cash Bonanza Video

Black Friday Deals From International Online Stores that Ship to Nigeria!

Ok guys, people hoard this Information but I would like to share a lot with you!

Last Year I Ordered this Pretty ASOS Peplum Top with Wrap Front and Self Belt amazing quality from Asos.com Uk items purchase was Over a  £100 pounds which entitled me to free shipping in Nigeria though i had to pay NGN 6100 Cutoms Fee to the Courier company.

Also for the love of Flats I got this very sturdy New Look Wide Fit Patent Bow Workwear Flat Shoes

So, here is a list of International Stores shipping to Nigeria this Black Friday

  • asos.com– They are offering a 20% off everything with code GOGOGO plus Free Shipping to Nigeria for orders above £20
  • boohoo.com– Shipping Fee per Order is £6.99 but for Black Friday its a 50% off plus free delivery

  • newlook.com – ships within 3-5 working days express delivery orders over 45 pounds and standard shipping is free takes 7-10 business days. For Black Friday delivery is FREE worldwide.

Others are:-

  • missguided.co.uk
  • jollychic.com
  • riverisland.com
  • selfridges.com
  • sheinside.com
  • missrebel.com
  • houseoffraser.com
  • romwe.com

Things to bear in mind when ordering

  1. CUSTOMS FEES- Most times the courier company pays and bills you on delivery.

2. SIZE GUIDE- Be sure you know your size as you would not be able to return or exchange, because it would be pointless as cost of shipping outside Nigeria is not friendly.

3. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION- You wouldnt want to be disappointed getting poor quality clothing made from thin fabrics.

Did we miss something, add yours.

The Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge Win $100,000

Deadline: January 17th, 2017.

The Africa Innovation Challenge

Throughout Africa, we are looking to drive entrepreneurship and help advance promising consumer healthcare solutions. Chosen applicants will receive a combination of awards including funding up to US $100,000, potential lab space in Africa and/or business and technical mentoring from some of the brightest minds at Johnson & Johnson to help bring their idea to life and create meaningful change in their community or country

You could receive up to US $100,000 in funding
Potential access to lab space in Africa
Ongoing mentorship

Apply to one or more of the consumer health care categories today

Promoting Early Child Development & Maternal Health

Improving maternal health helps nurture happy, healthy babies and generates positive child development. We are looking for non-pharmaceutical product or technology solutions that will help ensure women and newborns in Africa stay healthy during pregnancy, childbirth and throughout child development stages.

Empowering Young Girls

Access to good education and basic needs such as feminine care products is important to make sure young girls across Africa realize their full potential. We are looking for consumer product, technology and educational innovations that address these needs, making a brighter future possible for young women.

Improving Family Well-being

Families need reliable health care information, access to health care professionals and effective everyday products in order to thrive. We are searching for innovative technology-driven solutions that help promote access to health care knowledge, advice, and products to enhance the well-being of consumers in Africa.

Why this challenge matters to us

The Johnson & Johnson Credo lies at the heart of every aspect of our operations throughout the world. It is our undertaking to be agents of positive change in the countries in which we operate and the communities in which we live and work.
Johnson & Johnson’s engagement in Africa dates back more than 80 years in over 25 countries. Beyond our growing commercial presence, we have worked extensively with partners based in Africa and internationally to support the underserved in local communities.

To that end, Johnson & Johnson is introducing the Africa Innovation Challenge, to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in Africa and the creation of consumer healthcare solutions that address the critical unmet needs of the continent and her people.

Johnson & Johnson is not granted any rights in the ideas of applicants to the African Innovation Challenge. Applicants and winners remain free to continue the further development of their ideas on their own.

More about the application process

The submitted consumer healthcare solutions will be evaluated based on their ability to meet the following criteria:

Idea submission addresses at least one of the three challenge categories:
1) Promoting Early Child Development & Maternal Health in Africa,
2) Empowering Young Girls in Africa,
3) Improving Family Well-being in Africa

Idea submission is innovative and creative
Idea submission is scalable
Idea submission outlines how the award would help them reach a critical milestone within the timeframe of a single year and provides a full commercialization plan.
Winners will be announced by the end of February 2017.

Visit the Johnson & Johnson African Innovation Challenge homepage to apply.

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Are you a foodie? Are you busy? Do you have a particular food preference? Not to worry, jumia has got you.
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The day we’ve all been waiting for, it’s #BlackFriday!! And jumiafood is here for you and I.
Are you a foodie? Are you busy? Do you have a particular food preference? Not to worry, jumia has got you.
You get free drinks, free delivery, get something extra when you buy a food item and also get discounts on food orders. All these from the premier restaurants in Nigeria.
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